Detox. Destress.

Hello there!

So, a couple weekends ago I went to Ericeira (on the western coast of Portugal, yet again…Coast=Sea=Me Happy!) and instead of going home at the end of the day, we just decided to stay a while longer, enjoy the sun, and just relax…

We went down to Ribeira d’Ilhas beach, and there we found a nice surf restaurant & bar called “Ribeira D’Ilhas” (check it out on Zomato: “Ribeira D’Ilhas”) which is quite the cool place. It is situated right near the beach, next to a surf school (Blue Ocean Surf School) and surf shop, and has a rooftop which I can only imagine will be awesome to enjoy some nice sunsets in the Summer. It’s no wonder that their moto is Surf, Eat, Drink, Chill and Repeat!


The sun was so warm, and the place was full, so we sat outside enjoying the weather and drinking some really nice detox juices (just casualing doing what the bar moto was telling us to ahaha).

The detox juices were all natural and fresh and easy to recreate at home. For that you just need:

Papay Detox:

(right one in the picture bellow)
  • Passion Fruit (Maracujá)
  • Papay (Papaia)
  • Lime (Lima)

Blue Revive:

(centre one in the picture bellow)
  • Myrtille (Mirtilo)
  • Orange (Laranja)

Sweet Revive:

(left one in the picture bellow)
  • Lime (Lima)
  • Strawberry (Morangos)
  • Basil (Manjericão)


They were the cold, fresh drink we needed to go along with the warmth of the sun! Perfect do drink by the pool, in the garden, at home, at a friends’ place, wherever really ahaha.

I’ll be, for sure, trying to make more detox drinks like these at home, specially when Summer comes around. Hope you enjoy trying them as well.

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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