GoT Night!!

Brace yourselves…Game of Thrones is coming!


Don’t mind the excitment ahahah GoT is coming back again after a year, and we want some answers right?! Soooo, nothing better than to be prepared for a night of suspense and enthusiasm in front of the TV, laptop, whatever you’re watching GoT on. And for this reason, I’m gonna show you what me and my best friend did for a series night, a Game of Thrones night, and worse….a Red Wedding night….(yes….it was terrible….she’s still grieving…:P).

We started by having some drinks while we cooked and set the table for dinner (and Somersby is always a good choice while you’re cooking!). As you can see by the picture in the title, we ate “at low level” ahaha on some big cushions on the floor on my living room table, which is basically the best place for you to eat dinner, and not suffer the consequences of being surprised by killings in GoT….you don’t fall from your chair ’cause you’re already on the floor and you don’t spill much food! ahaha

As for the dinner itself, we’ve decided to go with a simple meat fondue and pasta! Simple but so good to fill our tummies!!! So, we cooked a whole pan of farfalle pasta seasoned with olive oil and oregano, and we just cut the meat in cubes and seasoned it with salt. Then, between sips of beer, ice tea and cidre, and some forks full of delicious pasta, we cooked the meat on the fondue set as we kept on eating (as any fondue).

Extra Tip: put some corks inside the fondue pan for the oil not to speckle outside when you put the meat inside.




It was freaking delicious and fun, as we hadn’t tried it yet and it was farely easy and quick to prepare. After the main course, and while GoT was on pause, we prepared a chocolate fondue that we decided would go well alongside some bananas and peaches, and we were right! Chocolate and fruit is just yummy!


And, yeah, this is it. My GoT night has to have a comfortable space for me to enjoy the show, lots of drinks, lots of food, and a great friend to laugh, mope, and yell at the TV with.

I would love to know what people do on their GoT nights, to make sure I’m not the only weirdo who eats on the floor in front of the TV with a big plate of food in front of me ahaha Hope you can try a different dinner like this, and hope this new season of Game of Thrones is awesome and gives us the answers and closure that we need (at least that I need!) ahahahah

We cannot miss the show this Sunday (at like 3am for us in Portugal, or Monday…oh well…)!

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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