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This post is a little bit different. I’m gonna try and make a review of my day-to-day makeup products, by KIKO Cosmetics. Bare in mind that this is my first attempt at this, and that in the future if I want to do more posts/reviews about beauty products I’ll try and be better at it, however for now I’m gonna do my best but talk randomly about my products and not about a specific collection. That being said, let’s start!

KIKO is one of my favourite brands when it comes to makeup and nail polish (but I’ll leave nails for another post ahah), because it’s basically everywhere, it’s affordable, and of good quality. I’m very picky as to what I put on my skin, and all of these products have worked well for me, however I advise people to always make sure they “know” their skin before trying on new products and new brands. KIKO is of good quality, I reckon, so you want have any problems there but better be safe than sorry, right?!

Regarding my face products, such as foundation, powders, brushes, etc, I use the following:


For applying my makeup, I start by using a small brush or the face brush 105 to apply my concealer, and then I use the face brush 106 to apply some liquid foundation and even my skin. Then, I use a bigger brush to apply baked powder on my face, and this way make sure that the foundation lasts longer and looks more even, and that my skin doesn’t look shiny. After that, I use also a big brush and apply a bit of bronzer on my cheekbones, forehead and jaw line, for contouring, but almost only when I start to get a bit more tanned and don’t wanna look all whitish, just to give a bit more colour. And to finish, I then use the face brush 103 to apply a bit of blush on my cheekbones. All these brushes are my favourites since they feel really smooth, and they don’t “peck” on the powders.

Skin Evolution Foundation is the one I stuck with, because I found that it always has the colour to match my skin tones, and its texture makes it last for most of the day. Also, it blends very well and I don’t need to use too much of it. The only problem I have with this product is the fact that you cannot open it, so when it’s closer to the end you know that you still have a lot of product inside but you cannot reach it, and that annoys me so much! Other than that, I like it a lot.

Full Coverage Concealer is the best to cover any blemishes or redness or spots you might have. It has a thick consistency, and it lasts half of the day, that’s why I like to apply it before my foundation and powder. Also, the product itself lasts for many months. This new packaging is really cute and shiny, has a useful mirror inside (as the majority of these products do), and has very fine lines which I think make it look more elegant.

Radiant Fusion Baked Powder is my final touch, and not only it lasts for many months on your collection, it also helps your makeup last longer on your face during the day. The packaging is equal to the one of the concealer, which I like because this way I carry an elegant collection on my purse ahah

Concerning the Shade Fusion Trio Blush, the packaging is also the same as for the powder and concealer, and presents us with three colours and not just the one, and this way we can darken or brighten our cheekbones as we please ahah!

To finish, the Beach Babe Bronzer. It was a limited edition of KIKO’s and I’m glad I saw it and bought it back then, because the packaging is huge so the product will last me for a long while, and also the texture and tone goes really nice for contouring the face.

Face Brush 106

Face Brush 103 (for blush)

Face Brush 105


Radiant Fusion Baked Powder – 03 Warm Beige

Beach Babe Bronzer – 02 Beyond Sienna (limited edition)

Full Coverage Concealer – 01 Light

Shade Fusion Trio Blush – 04 Peach Rose

Skin Evolution Foundation SPF10 – 107 Creamy Beige

After this I usually take care of my eye makeup (more at night, for going out), and I also enjoy KIKO products for this as well, but I’ll leave that for another post too.

Regarding lipsticks, I’m not much for bright colours so I always go for the nude tones, and even regarding the typical red lipstick, I choose more dark toned reds to the usual ones.


Smart Lipstick – 901 Natural Neige

Smart Lipstick – 910 Baby Pink

Intensely Lavish Lipstick 06 (limited edition)

Smart Lipstick it a great collection of KIKO, presenting a wide variety of colours, but like I said I go more for the nude tones. It has a smooth texture, and is not very glossy (I don’t like glossy lipsticks…if I want shine, I’ll use lipgloss!) and it lasts for a while. The natural Neige is my favourite.

As for the Intensely Lavish Lipstick, I am not a red lipstick kinda gal. I have big enough lips without using bright, flashy colours to highlight that… when I decided I needed a red lipstick on my collection for one occasion or another, I decided to buy a dark tone. Rebel Romantic Collection, a limited edition, had the tone I was looking for, and the packaging is so pretty as well! The packaging is shiny and rose gold, and it closes with the help of a magnet, which I like a lot. Also the texture is smooth, a bit glossy, spreads really well, and it lasts for sooo long! I was glad I got a hold of these when I could.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little review of mine, make sure to check out the links to buy these KIKO products online, or just to check them out. Also, the products marked as limited edition aren’t for sale anymore, however I believe KIKO has got some great alternatives with similar products.

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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