QUEEN – The show STILL goes on!

QUEEN + Adam Lambert: LIVE

May 20th 2016, Rock in Rio, Parque da Bela Vista, Lisbon, Portugal

Concert Crossed Off My Bucket List!

Ok, so first of all, I’ve been meaning to write here about this for a while but haven’t had the time, but since I love Queen and this concert was on my bucket list for so so so so many years, it was only right that I had to have a post about it on my little corner of the internet. So here we go!

When Rock in Rio’s organizing team announced QUEEN were gonna come and perform in Lisbon, I had to buy a ticket. I had money saved for these guys and AC/DC for so long you have no idea…..I was excited at max! When the day finally came, I did my best to be at the front rows and was being annoying to my friends at the point of saying “no way….after Mika I’m not moving from here. I’m gonna cry if I don’t see them from the first rows! For real! It’s a dream people!” ahahahha (Yeah, I know, it’s too much excitement for a band, but it’s an amazing band that doesn’t go out of style, and that still inspires people all over the world. So…..bear with me ahah).


We all can agree that Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury, and there is not a person on earth that can fill in for him. However, if there is someone that can for sure bring the songs back to life, and give QUEEN the chance to be on tour and play live again, that someone is Adam Lambert. He has such a powerful voice that can shut anyone up, and yes he is a full on “diva”, but that’s what makes him unique and honestly he was/is a “diva” at the right moments which makes me like him and the show!


I love Adam’s voice, I’ve been following his music since he was auditioning for American Idol and I have two of his albums, and when I read the news some years ago that he was going to sing with QUEEN, I got happy and was like “Yes! They’ll be back on stage!”. So having him as lead singer wasn’t a problem for me. Plus, at the beginning of the concert he said “There’s only one Freddie Mercury”, what he did was give the band the opportunity to play the songs again and perform live at the most faithful level possible. If it wasn’t him, we would have no concerts people! Common, Freddie is a legend but most unfortunetly we cannot bring him back (I wish I had a time machine to go back to their Wembley Concert), what we can do is live his songs, and Adam gave us the opportunity to see QUEEN live again!


The whole concert was amazing. Between the songs, the chats, the surprises, it was all fantastic. Jokes, selfies, “uma fotografia!”- said Brian May while holding on to a selfie stick ahaha, it was a complete show I can say. I knew what I was going for, and I didn’t get disappointed at all.

I confess I was mostly going for Brian May and I was in ecstasy for the old man ahahah no notes missing, he’s still got it people!


Love of My Life” was performed by Brian May, which for me was a surprise because I didn’t know he could sing like that, and the same goes for Rodger. The drum battle between father and son was quite awesome, but the guitar solo from Brian May was epic. All the light work, lasers, the sound of the guitar…hum….so good.


Don’t Stop Me Now” made people jump like hell, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” made us (me ahah) cry. During the beginning of that song they left the recording of Freddie’s voice because it is epic and no person can do it better, and then came Adam with all his power to end the song, and he did it well in my opinion.

The band can most definetly still “Play the Game”, and the crowd can always expect for some “Thunderbolt and Lightning”, and from where I was standing it was an awesome show. Long live QUEEN! (pun intended ahah)


You can check out the set list down here, and even listen to most of their songs on Spotify here (for the lazys like me who don’t want to search….it’s just clicking!):

Set List:

“The Hero” (Queen cover) (First time since November 3rd 1982)
“Hammer to Fall” (Queen cover)
“Seven Seas of Rhye” (Queen cover)
“Stone Cold Crazy” (Queen cover)
“Fat Bottomed Girls” (Queen cover)
“Play the Game” (Queen cover) (First time since November 3rd 1982)
“Killer Queen” (Queen cover)
“I Want to Break Free” (Queen cover)
“Somebody to Love” (Queen cover)
“Love of My Life” (Queen cover) (Brian May on vocals)
“These Are the Days of Our Lives” (Queen cover) (Roger Taylor on vocals)
Drum Battle
“Under Pressure” (Queen cover)
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Queen cover)
“Don’t Stop Me Now” (Queen cover)
“Another One Bites the Dust” (Queen cover)
“I Want It All” (Queen cover)
“Who Wants to Live Forever” (Queen cover)
“Last Horizon” (Brian May cover)
Guitar Solo
“Tie Your Mother Down” (Queen cover)
“The Show Must Go On” (Queen cover)
“Bohemian Rhapsody” (Queen cover)


“Radio Ga Ga” (Queen cover)
“We Will Rock You” (Queen cover)
“We Are the Champions” (Queen cover)
PS: if this window doesn’t work, click here.

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Thank you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the post!

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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