Trip to Paris


July 3rd - 7th 2016, Paris, France

Trying to live “La Vie en Rose”!

Last week my boyfriend and I went to Paris. We planned this trip months ago and choose a date that wouldn’t interfer too much with his finals or my thesis, and despite both of us having been to Paris before we choose this wonderful city anyway. With luck on our side, Portugal passed to the semi-finals of UEFA’s Euro 2016, and we got to see the game there. Perfect!

Our schedule was:

  • DAY 1: Nous sommes arrivés à Paris!!! – – – Louvre Pyramids, walk (in the rain….yuppi…) to Sainte Chapelle, Notre Dame and Shakespeare & Co Store (I’m crazy about books and this store is freaking amazing!), and then find a Brasserie to have dinner and watch UEFA Euro 2016 game of France vs. Iceland (Paris went crazy, because the french won ahah), get back to the hotel near Arc du Triomphe (and we got to the conclusion that that is the meeting point for celebrations, in this case, France getting through to the semi-finals ahah).
Metro – Musée du Louvre
Sainte Chapelle (most beautiful chapel I’ve ever seen! I mean….just look at the picture!)
Outside and Inside Notre Dame (we stayed there long enough for a Messe to start, having the privilege to hear the organs being played and the choir singing. Beautiful!)
Shakespeare & Co (Bookstore, Library, Coffe Shop, and it’s so beautiful inside! Real bohemian vibe, books on every single corner, sofas all around, a piano for free use, a space for poetry workshops…a must visit for everyone who loves these sorts of places.)
Arc du Triomphe (you can see one of the many flags being held that day because of the game France vs. Iceland)


  • DAY 2: The most magical place on earth! – – – Disneyland (whoever reads this, you can check out another blog post about just Disneyland, because, common, it’s Disney, it deserves it’s own post), and at night we got back to Paris for dinner (Moules! Nhami!) at Léon de Bruxelles on the Champs Elysées (after me hitting my head on our room’s safe box door whilst getting ready….it wouldn’t be me without being clumsy….but this one hurt like hell….autch).
  • DAY 3: Magic continues! – – – Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland (again, check out the post hihi. This day we stayed all day and all night to be able to finish visiting everything we possibly could, and to watch “Disney Dreams” show at closing time).
  • DAY 4: More Paris!!! – – – A whole day dedicated for the city. We went to the top of Arc du Triomphe, had lunch nearby at L’Etoile 1903, went to Monmartre mainly to go to La Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, then went to Galeries Lafayette and luckly they were on sales (ok….they have lots and lots of high-fashion brands there, so I mainly just walked around ahaha, besides I was marveled at the ceilings and balconies….wonderful place!), and to end our day perfectly we went to the UEFA Euro Fanzone on Champs de Mars by the Eiffel Tower to watch the game of Portugal vs. Wales, and we won! It was amazing, everybody watching there, and celebrating throughout the night (more amazing was the final but that’s another matter ahahah…..WE WON!), and we also got to see the celebrations by the Arc du Triomphe again (I know the portuguese are one of the biggest immigrant communities there, but common!).
Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Monmartre
Galeries Lafayette (heaven for fashion lovers…and because of these surroundings)
Eiffel Tower seen from Trocadéro and seen from the fanzone after Portugal’s win
Crêpes by the Eiffel Tower and by the Seine
  • DAY 5: Last day…. – – – We had enough time to have our last breakfast peacefully and then go visit the Eiffel Tower, going aaaalll the way to the top. Wonderful view all around. I’m fascinated by how the structure is so perfect, so solid, so well maintained after all these years! Finally after the visit, we walked through Trocadéro and had to go back to the hotel and head on to the airport (sad face).

20160707_113712_editedIt was a wonderful trip, loved it! All of it! 🙂

Hope you liked the post, I enjoy writing this anyway, it’s a way of better remembering these moments. Thanks for having checked it out!

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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