Disneyland & Walt Disney Studios in Paris

When You Wish Upon A Star!

July 4th and 5th, Marle-la-Vallée, Paris, France

On a recent trip to Paris (check out the post about that if you want to hihi), two of the days were solely dedicated to going to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. They were the most magical days! It’s like therapy for adults and paradise for children (even our inner child). It’s “the most magical place on earth” indeed.

_DSC0288_editedI went there when I was 5 years old, going on 6, and my parents brought me to Disneyland exactly around my birthday so that I could turn 6 while I was there (thank you so so much mom and dad, now I know all the logistics behind it, and thank you so so much! Ahah!). When I was that age the place was absolutly magical! I couldn’t go on some rides but it was still the best vacation. Now, I’m 22 going on 23 and I went with my boyfriend, and it was still magical! And now I could go on every ride (I was hyped! ahah), and I could appreciate the construction, maintainance, engineering, logistics, and money envolved in all of this!

So, to make good use of our money and spend it well, we decided for the “two days-two parks” tickets. If you want to enjoy everything, go on every ride you can, and see every shop, and still stop to eat something, take pictures, etc, then I recommend you go at least two days. Plan ahead, get informed, and use the app! We scheduled our visit like this:

  • DAY 1: see all we could of Disneyland Park and get back to Paris for dinner.
  • DAY 2: see all of Walt Disney Studios Park, finish Disneyland Park, watch a parade, repeat Disneyland rides, and watch the closing show (OMG! Wonderful!).

20160705_225113_edited20160705_202037_edited_DSC0368_edited20160705_201529_edited20160704_174343_edited_editedcollage1_DSC0306_edited_edited20160704_142335_edited20160705_230801_edited_edited“Disney Dreams” is the show set on Disneyland at closing time, and it was the most epic and magical show I’ve ever seen in my life. For real! This 20 minute show made me dance to Disney songs like “Friend Like Me”, made me sing every single song (yes…including….“Let it Go”! Ahah), made me go “WOW!” so many times due to the lighting, fireworks, cartoons, EVERYTHING, and on the last minute my eyes were so wide opened that I felt like the fumes were burning my eyes (yes, the fireworks were that huge and amazing)! They also have a Christmas Special which is now on my bucket list (even if it is when I have my own kids ahah). Watching on our laptops and tv is nothing compared to the actual thing. The dimension of it is just overwhelming!

DSC_0600_editedDSC_0614_edited_DSC0628_edited_DSC0675_editedcollage_DSC0617_edited20160705_115715_Moment_edited20160705_154045_edited_DSC0623_editedAnd that was it. Two magical days in the best place to forget your worries, feel great, release your inner child. “It’s your problem free philosophy! (Hakuna Matata)” hahaha! Take your kids there, take your family there, take your friends there, and enjoy! Plus, think that your money is put to good use in a good place, maintaining this amazing land for generations of kids to come!

_DSC0383_editedAs you can see, I felt like a kid. There’s no way you wont feel like you just moved to another planet and landed on a magical land. Beautiful! Magical! Awesome!

_DSC0864_editedHey, hope you liked this post about the “most magical place on earth” which I love so so much! Hope this place will continue to make children (and lets face it…all creatures on earth ahah) HAPPY and bring MAGIC to this world we live in! – – – – THANKS 🙂

“Ciao, Adios, Later Dudes!”

PS: here is a playlist of Disney songs for you to enjoy 🙂 Kiss Kiss!

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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