Aero-Vederci Baby!

Sweeeeet Emooootion!

June 26th, MEO Arena Lisboa, Portugal

I haven’t written in so long (more than a year…yeah…great…) and I missed it!

A lot changed this year, but writing on this blog is a hobby for me and it takes me to my zen place, so when I write it has to be a stress-free task, and sometimes life doesn’t make it easy. HOWEVER I’ll just make an effort to maintain this blog and write more often! LET’S DO THIS! 😛

Soooo, by the end of June I went to the final concert on my bucket list (Queen…check/ ACDC…check/ Aerosmith…not checked…..until that day!).

Aerosmith were in Lisbon with their last tour “Aero-Vederci Baby” and it was amazing to say the least. As soon as I heard they were coming, I gathered the money and bought me and my boyfriend some golden circle tickets and just waited for that 26th of June.

Yes, I’m 23 and I love those freakin’ awesome dudes, Steve Tyler and Joe Perry, on their almost seventies…..and I don’t care! They’re crazy (pun intended ahaha)!




All the big hits were played except for “Crazy”, which was a shame, but my favourites (specially “Dude Looks Like a Lady”) were all there in the setlist so I wasn’t that sad about it. It was really worth it, and for their age those dudes still can hit every single note on every song! I was like “DAAAAMN I wanna have that energy when I’m their age”!

The BEST part of the concert was when Steve Tyler was doing his harmonica solo of “Cryin’” and when he finished he threw the harmonica our way! I was with my boyfriend (B), a friend (F) and his girlfriend (G), and getting that harmonica was a whole team work effort ahahahaha I was recording the solo so I got this event on camera and it’s SOO fun to watch and see me getting hit by it and screaming (I wasn’t expecting it, otherwise I could have caught it myself I guess, but I was already focused on Joe Perry’s guitar solo….what a laugh!).


———-HOW IT HAPPENED———– G, poor thing, was pushed away by huge dudes trying to like fly through us, B was also filming but with a flash so he pointed the phone down illuminating the floor, I was giving little kicks on the harmonica to get it off other people, and all the sudden F was pushed down to the floor by another dude, saw the harmonica near my foot, caught it, got up super straight……ME: “You have it don’t you?!”, he nods and then puts it in my purse. I can’t believe we have Steve Tyler’s freakin’ harmonica!


It was the completion of my concerts’ bucket list and I absolutely loved it 🙂


Let the Music Do the Talking
Nine Lives
Rag Doll
Livin’ on the Edge
Love in an Elevator
Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)
Stop Messin’ Around (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Hangman Jury
Seasons of Wither
Sweet Emotion
Boogie Man
I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Come Together (The Beatles cover)
Eat the Rich
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)


Dream On
Mother Popcorn (James Brown cover)
Walk This Way

As I usually do when I post about concerts, I’ll leave the setlist here for you to listen on Spotify:

If you can still see Aerosmith somewhere, GO! DO IT! (click the link to search if they’re heading your way). It’s totally worth it! If you unfortunately missed it, then don’t be sad, go play those always-awesome songs and enjoy the sound like nobody’s watching!

Get your rock on!

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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