Express Weekend: Seville!

July 2017, Seville, Spain

Roadtrip to Seville

Back in May, some of my friends graduated college. After that day our group of friends/college family were all officially college graduates (yuppi!). Me and other three “brothers” of mine that were attending the ceremony had the idea to say “what if we went somewhere close by for a weekend?” and all of us said yes, we just set the date (July 13th, 14th & 15th) and chose a place: Seville.

Reason: it’s close to Portugal, it’s hot, it has a water park, it’s beautiful. The end!

20170716_132231SOOOO…….we had the ok from the group (not all could go, but they had good reasons and they were missed and will definitely go next time!) and one of us (lets call him the tycoon of the group ahahah) bought everything and started asking us to “pay him his money down” so yeah after that there was no turning back (good trick to get things to move along!). Another friend did the math for the roadtrip expenses and we were done!

Expenses: hotel (4*) + roadtrip (gas and tolls) + water park (Isla Mágica) tickets and parking + food = less than 150€ —- I’m sorry but I think that’s pretty great!

Plan: Go Friday after work, have a fun roadtrip, have dinner, chill. Spend Saturday at the water park (Isla Mágica). Spend most of Sunday sightseeing and return to Portugal.

20170716_132603The roadtrip there took longer than expected but we were stopping and singing and playing which made it easier for the drivers I reckon, and fun for all.

On the journey back to Portugal we stopped in Algarve for a drop-off and for a friend to see his family so it was a longer roadtrip and we kept playing a sort of “mystery solving game” (portuguese readers can check the challenges here and yes…we are nerds) which made the journey more fun and bearable.

davThe water park was fun as hell!!!! However, you will not catch me on the freaking rollercoaster ever ever again. You wanna know why? Go there and try it yourself ahah

The temperature was ridiculously high all weekend (almost 40ºC), so most of our time in the water park was spent trying to get soaked, which was hilarious! There wasn’t that much queue for summer, so we could go multiple times on some of our favourite rides.

We saw the pirate’s show, the horse’s show and the closing show. All of these we recommend to see when going to the park.

20170716_141416The next day was spent exploring the city. Seville is beautiful. The colours in the summer are fantastic. The heat also is quite overwhelming….never had I ever felt so hot and the most fun part was that a local said “oh this is great temperature. This week we had 50ºC!” like….yeah….super normal to have 40ºC let alone 50ºC! I would melt! But the heat was bearable because we drank lots of water, and kept going to fountains to get cool!

20170716_132836We spent a lot of time exploring Plaza de España, park Maria Luisa, the centre where we had lunch, and were able to see a bit of the cathedral as well. However, I definitely want to go back and explore more, specially Real Alcazar gardens!




Seville is really worth the visit!

We loved it. For me this group of friends is amazing and we sort of became a little “family”, so I loved it and hope we can do more of these weekends. We need it, we deserve it and I think it can only get better from now on. 🙂

“It was awesome even with the high heat!” by DM
“The roadtrip to Seville was amazing and next time we should try Disneyland Paris” by MP

Here’s to hoping we go back to Seville to explore more, and hoping we continue to do these “express weekends” as a group.

Dear reader….thanks for reading and I wish that you can also enjoy some timeout every now and then!

Kiss Kiss, Joana


2 thoughts on “Express Weekend: Seville!

  1. I love waterparks. The trip sounds fun and interesting. Is this the place where Seville oranges come from? I have never been to Spain but it’s definitely on my extra long bucket list!!!


    1. Hi!
      Yes it is, the bitter orange.
      For a visit to Spain I would recommend Barcelona, but then you should stop by Seville sometime! I found it so pretty! However, be careful with the sun and heat. It’s really unbearable! (40°C and 50°C….like…you melt! Ahah). But definetely go there and try the park!
      Thank you for “visiting” my blog 🙂


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