Classic Motorshow

“I’m not getting old. I’m becoming a classic.”

September 15th, 16th and 17th, Cascais, Portugal


Every year around this time my hometown hosts an event that gathers beautiful classic cars in one place. It’s the “Cascais Classic Motorshow” and this year it was the 5th edition.

Every year me and my dad go out to gaze at those wonderful cars and make our bucket list of classics (just for the heck of it) ahaha!

This is an event organized by Automóvel Clube de Portugal (ACP) in cooperation with Cascais Town Hall, and it usually gathers a big number of vintage cars in one place for activities lasting through three days. This year the motorshow gathered around a thousand classics worth at least 50M€!!! (say whaaaat!)

In previous times, Cascais had no racing track so the car races where performed outside in the streets (like the Monaco F1 circuit). A few years ago, Cascais recreated those races and everyone who owned a classic car and was brave enough to enroll could go race. As usual, I was there to see, just at a tight curve, and it was awesome!


Unfortunately, that was the only year they recreated that race, this year it’s just the show: an elegance competition, a market, a parade and the “speeding kilometer”. It is still pretty fun to watch, though!

You get to see cars as ancient as the almost-first-edition Fords, cute VW Beatles, hunky Ford Mustangs, giant Cadillacs, and so on. I cringe! I imagine myself driving one of these cars just like in the movies and then pitty myself for not being able to afford one ahahaha but hey, I can still dream about it!


The event last for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). On the second day you usually have the Rally and the speeding test, and on the last day you have the parade in Avenida Marginal (the road/avenue from Cascais to Carcavelos). This year it was more than 600 vintage cars! Can you imagine?! If not, come next year!

Cutest Audi 1000S, perfect for a trip around Europe!


Cadillac De Ville ’58 (my future investment ahah I wish!)


Click here to read more about this year’s event on Motor24.

Comparing this Corvette with the new ones and being completely amazed by evolution
“The” Thunderbird

If you are a classics fan, I hope you liked this post, if not I still hope you liked it anyway and got just a little bit more excited about “old” cars!

Drive fun, but drive safe! 😉

Kiss Kiss, Joana


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